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    What Customers say about Aurum Scarves

    Below are recent testimonials received from some of our valued and loyal customers.

     - Beautiful design and exceptional quality! This is my first purchase of an Aurum scarf, and I am very pleased. I had a difficult time deciding which scarf I wanted to buy because they were all so lovely. I'm glad I settled on the Rose White Melody scarf. I have received numerous compliments, and the scarf mixes well with many colors in my wardrobe. The colors are crisp, the design is fun, and it will take me year-round. I look forward future collections and buying more scarves to add a special touch to my outfits. Anna B., Buffalo, NY

    - Thank you so much Aurum, your scarves are just awesome. I love them all and will return soon to buy more!  Carla M., Barcelona, Spain

    - I've ordered two of these lovely and elegant scarves. One was the Rainbow and the other one was Leopard designs. The colors were exactly like they looked on the website and the scarves were very high quality, with hand rolled hems. I am very happy with both of my purchases! Great customer service, too. Sierra G., Washington, DC

    - Like all of your scarves (and btw, next paycheck, the new ones will be finding their way into my scarf wardrobe!) they are just beautiful - the hand of the silk is lovely, the colours are beautiful and saturated, sweet design (I visited Russia in the '80's before the 'iron curtain' came down, so it has sentimental meaning for me, too) and very important, the edges of all of your scarves are hand-rolled. The details, as we know, are what make things special, and your scarves are indeed special. So glad I found your company! Marie W., Charlottesville, VA

    - Dear Aurum Team, I love your scarves (I have already 2 of them...). I was an Hermes scarf addict... but you got me here! Alli A., Santa Barbara, CA  

    - I just received my new beautiful scarf!!!!!!  I LOVE it!!!!!  It is the perfect shade of red and looks fabulous on!!!!  I have so many outfits that will go along perfectly with this scarf!!!!  Sabrina T. Rome, Italy

    - Incredibly efficient and kind customer support... from A to Z... I have never seen that on the web!  I will purchase again my scarves with you guys! Sarah B., Stockholm, Sweden

    - I received my new scarves today and absolutely love them!!!!  The colors are so beautiful and I love how soft these scarves are. The print is perfect, the size is perfect too!  These scarves go with everything I wear and they are a fabulous addition to my growing collection of Aurum scarves!  I highly recommend these scarves to everyone! Nicole T., Morristown - NJ

    - The two beautiful scarves arrived this afternoon. They are magnificent. Thank you so much. We are very satisfied. Your collection is very nice. I probably still choose one or more in the future. Thank you also in name of my daughter! She will be very pleased this evening. Congratulations on your professional approach! Emma R., Brussels, Belgium

    - If I could own only one fine thing in my life, my Aurum Scarf would be my choice. Each time I wear it, I receive so many compliments.... on the outside... and so much comfort on the inside - simply classic and beautiful! Cannot wait to order the next ones I have already in mind! Sandra S., Tallinn, Estonia

    - Thank you so much!!! Your level of customer service is exceptional. I will definitely purchase more scarves in the future. Sincerely. Jocelyn C., Johannesburg, South Africa

    - My scarf has arrived. It is beautiful. So soft in texture and design. Thank you! Gayle W., Brisbane, Australia

    - I received my Cashmere scarf two days ago. I cannot thank you enough. It was hard for me to decide which Cashmere scarf I liked the best. I finally picked the Olivia and I am delighted. I wore it yesterday and have received so many compliments! Paris is my favorite city and this scarf reminds me of the great time I had there for my honeymoon… twenty two years ago. It makes me want to go back to Paris as soon as I can!! Svenja K., Berlin, Germany

    - Hi there! My order of two scarves was at my door today: originally I planned to keep one for myself and to offer the other one to my daughter. But, I actually love them both and I might just keep them for myself…. LOL!  Pearl D., Moline, IL

    - The quality of your scarves is outstanding! I love the silk. It’s so soft! I purchased Melody Elegant scarf and I am wearing it as I am writing this email. All the small details in the design are adorable. You are amazing!!!  Ruth B., Stavanger, Norway

    - All your scarves look awesome. It’s my wife’s birthday in a few days... And she loves silk scarves. I just need to decide which one I will order. Not easy. They are all so cool… David B., Portland, OR

    - Your scarves are definitively unique! They spice up any outfit and I will definitely order some more. You are the best! Nancy H., Birmingham, UK

    - A friend of mine recommended your website. I fell in love with your hairbands. They are so fresh and so young. Marina B., Chisinau, Moldova

    - I am only twenty three and my Mom just offered me one of your scarves. This will be the very first silk scarf I own. Now, I want to start to collect your scarves. Any special price I can get for a bulk order??? Thanks!  Justine T., Hinesville, GA

    - Your designs are outstanding. I was undecided on buying the rainbow or the leopard design from Melody scarves. I finally bought the leopard. It is just gorgeous! Thanks!  Laura A., Milan, Italy

    - I shared your website with my best friend. The two of us have had a great time browsing through it and looking at your wonderful scarves. What a superb collection! Can't wait to receive the scarf I just ordered! Hurry up Postman :-) Kate M., London, UK

    - So glad I have found your website!  Thanks! Count on me for being a new Aurum scarf collector! Zsofia B., Debrecen, Hungary

    - The patterns of your scarves are stunning, chic, and timeless. There are also good for all ages! Love that! Jimena M., Granada, Spain

    - I was looking for great silk scarves at an affordable price. So glad I found you. What a lovely collection! I live near Boston and your Nautical scarf seems like a must to me. What a fabulous design! Annie L., Cambridge, MA

    - I really love the guide which I read on your blog posts for my beautiful scarf. It gives me lots of ideas on how to wear it. Though I love scarves I don’t always know how to wear them. That’s a great plus. Thanks for it. Marina A., Moscow, Russia,