featuring: Julia Budnik (@therosefeel)
Accessorizing carefully should always be the rule. When it comes to accessories less is usually more. First, a few well-chosen pieces - such as bold scarves - are often enough to accent an outfit. Second, accessories are made to complement each other, not to compete: the more accessories, the more difficult it is to pair them. Third, piling up is a fun children's game... Let's keep it to children.
If you love statement scarves, you know that finding, for instance, the right earrings can be difficult. Both your scarf and your earrings are next to your face and both tend to naturally compete. That being said, it doesn't mean that
earrings and a scarf are a big no. It's all about finding the
right balance and creating a streamlined look. If, like us, you like wearing scarves and earrings, here are a few things to remember
- Because (crystal or diamond) studs, as well as simple pearl button earrings, are pretty neutral, they look good on all face shapes and they work with all scarf colors - from quiet to bold: a safe choice no matter what.
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- If you prefer colorful studs, make sure the color of your earrings matches at least one color of your scarf
- The two rules above apply to teeny tiny drop earrings.
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- Dangling earrings are more noticeable than small studs or simple pearl buttons. If you decide to wear them, make sure they are in harmony with your scarf. Choose earrings which pick up in your scarf and/or blouse color. Playing up one color will make your outfit looked pulled together and elegant.


Who said pairing scarves and earrings was difficult?

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